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ELearning is now the fastest growing teaching and learning strategy. Not convinced? Read through this eLearning infographic based on extant statistics and consumer behavior analytics.

eLearning is a relatively recent buzz word (1999) that has caught substantial amount of attention both from the education as well as the corporate sector. Quite impressively, eLearning has invaded the daily lives of the otherwise procrastinating individuals, luring them to learn and interact on an almost daily basis.

This infographic demonstrates how eLearning has dominated the economy and the status quo of learning and teaching.

If you are thinking of investing in an eLearning program, hesitate no more. Research indicates a doubled return on investment on any eLearning program in 2015! eLearning is self-paced learning, a practice taken up by 51% of residents in USA alone by 2018. This trend is increasingly evident in corporate settings, where 25% of employees quit their jobs due to lack of learning and development opportunities.

As employees adopt eLearning for professional development they are observed to bring in 26% more revenue. Due to its success, more companies (73.9%) around the world are employing eLearning for workforce development. To compliment this growth spurt, eLearning and educational technology tools are estimated to undergo a sales spike from $1.16B to $2.29B by 2016.

Online enrollments are also on an all-time high. Notice by 2019, 50% of all college students will be engaged in eLearning. This means that the development costs of eLearning courses will diminish with time, boiling down to only the cost of the student. With the cheaper rates at which mobile broadband data is available, 74% of eLearners will be mobile learners.

eLearning as simulation, game-based learning, serious games and gamified platforms for learning have created a safe environment for healthcare, space, marine and military training. eLearning is also a greener way to learn! It leads to fewer CO2 emission by consuming 90% less energy. Due to its cost effectiveness, Malaysia and Vietnam are the world’s fastest Asian markets in terms of adopting eLearning programs as mainstream form of learning.

When learners begin their first activity out of bed as eLearning and end their day with the same activity, we know as educationists and instruction developers, that we can’t be in the wrong business at all!

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The tongue is the strongest muscle in the human body. When the human heart pumps, it builds up enough pressure to squirt blood 30.

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