Cerebellum Pictures

Pictures of cerebrum
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Thanks wiseGEEK. This has really helped me with the research portion of my science fair project.

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Check out Chiari Malformation. My son has had a decompression surgery and is improving every day. If this is your problem you must seek out a neurosurgeon that does a lot of them. Most neurosurgeons will say they can do it but it needs to be an expert in the field. Good luck to all of you and my prayers are with you.

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I was born without my left side and only 20 percent on my right side was developed. I can walk just fine and do things that other people do but there are flaws. I can't play the piano or any musical instruments (coordination) If I walk backward I tend to get dazed and its like I'm going to fall. I slur words at times (not always, but does happen frequently) and if I attempt anything that requires coordination, with my hands or body, I can't process it and I can never get it. Whether it's a body wave or whatever, I can't justify the movements.

What I have is really rare and the majority end up paralyzed from birth, but for unknown reasons, my brain has re-wired itself to pick up the slack from the right cerebellum for not being there and the other 80 percent that's missing from my left side.

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My husband has poor balance and coordination and the thighs of his legs hurt most of the time. He can only walk with a rollator. His head is not held up; it seems he is always looking down, and his body bends forward. His posture is not good. If he walks about 100 yards with his rollator his body leans forward and sometimes he falls. He tires very easily and sleeps a lot. Any help is appreciated.

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I have a problem with walking. Some neuro physicians say my cerebellum has been damaged. I can't walk and I can't hold anything in my hands. Can anyone tell me how this can be treated?

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I was in a car accident over 1 and 1/2 years ago. I have hurt my right ankle repeatedly. I have extreme vertigo if I go into a store or try to drive on freeway. I also have speech impairment that causes me to try and say everything as fast as I can so I do not forget.

I went to someone for a hearing problem, took a test and am substantially off on the right side. I was never referred to a neurologist until this week. I am very scared and sad. I was hanging pictures in my new house and got in a fight with my mom and dad because I said that they weren't hung straight.

I blurt out words in mid sentence that have nothing to do with the topic. I have obviously not had proper medical care. At this point I'm glad to just find a place to write this. Can this be fixed?

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Who is the author of this post?

Moderator's reply: Michael Anissimov is the author. All pertinent information is available in the box at the left of every wiseGEEK article. It is labeled "Article details."

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My 7 year old son has some cerebellum damage and has poor balance, poor motor control, some difficulty articulating, in other words general ataxia. Do you know of any therapy that is effective for kids with this?

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i like this website. I'm doing a science fair project and this is helping me a lot and i just wanted to thank all you guys who make it possible.

Moderator's reply: Thank you for visiting wiseGEEK and for contributing to the discussion forums. We're glad our articles have helped you for your project!

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use to be in a wheel chair now can walk, but have balance problems. because the cerebellum did't grow to its normal size. Could people who make pills for everything else make a pill for people who have balance problems?

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