Deja Vu (2006)

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The movie went through pre-production in New Orleans. Just weeks before production was to begin, Hurricane Katrina devastated the city. With the location in ruins, the movie made the decision to find a new location to shoot. Weeks after the decision, canceling the movie altogether was in talks. Finally, three months after the hurricane, the film returned to New Orleans, Louisiana and began pre-production once again.

While working on the film, first assistant cameraman Michael S. Endler learned that his father, Gerald Endler, had died. As a tribute to Gerald, a former special effects technician who had actually worked with many of this film's effects crew decades earlier on other projects, Michael was allowed, on the day of shooting the ferry explosion, to place some of his ashes on a gasoline-filled water jug that would be blown up as part of the pyrotechnics of the sequence (which was referred to on call sheets as the "Stumpf Ferry Gerald Endler Memorial Pyro Blast").

Scriptwriters Terry Rossio and Bill Marsilii didn't feel Tony Scott recaptured everything in the screenplay. They felt he was more interested in the action scenes rather than the intricacies of time travel. They wrote a plot that was airtight, but in Scott's hands the finished product is now filled with plot holes. Rossio was so disillusioned with Deja Vu (2006) he's never seen the film. Scott also admitted he did a mediocre job directing the film, but blamed that on the 19-week production schedule, which wasn't as long as he wanted.

Disaster relief teams who helped through the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina were recruited to help make the film. The end credits pay tribute to their bravery.

The third time Denzel Washington and Tony Scott have worked together. They would collaborate on two other films before Scott's death in 2012. Its also the first film Scott, Washington and producer Jerry Bruckheimer have worked on since Crimson Tide (1995), and the last film Scott and Bruckheimer would work on after six collaborations.

The ferry explosion was the biggest stunt ever filmed in New Orleans. They were very environmentally conscious about it.

There is almost no profanity at all in the film.

Val Kilmer noted one of the reasons he wanted to work with Denzel Washington was that his kids once went to the same Los Angeles school as his own two children.

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