Deja vu lyrics Crosby

Crosby, Stills & Nash – Almost

Deja Vu

Released: 1970
#148 on Rolling Stone's Top 500 Album List

David Crosby- Guitar, vocals
Stephen Stills- Guitar, vocals, organ
Graham Nash- Guitar, vocals, piano
Neil Young- Guitar, vocals, piano, harmonica
Dallas Taylor- Percussion
Greg Reeves- Bass

Track List:
1. Carry On
2. Teach Your Children
3. Almost Cut My Hair
4. Helpless
5. Woodstock
6. Deja Vu
7. Our House
8. 4 + 20
9. Country Girl
10. Everybody I Love You

After their hugely succesful debut album, Crosby, Stills, and Nash were instant superstars. In CSN's first album, Stephen Stills had firmly planted himself as the leader of the group. He was the lead producer of all their songs, and he commonly stayed up all night in the studio perfecting them. They had just performed at Woodstock in August of 1969, and they were heading towards their next album. After recruiting bassist Greg Reeves, Stephen Stills tried to get his former bandmate of Buffalo Springfield, Neil Young to join. Young reluctantly agreed even though he was working hard on his own solo career. When Neil joined, Stills was very relieved. After working so hard on CSN's first album, he knew Neil was also a wizard in the studio and this would help take pressure off his shoulders. Known as the first supergroup and "The Beatles of America", Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young were born.

1. Carry On:
This is a great, upbeat start to the album. Acoustic guitars bring in the group's luscious harmonies. A soloing guitar in the background gives the song a foreign/Middle Eastern feel. The song suddenly breaks into a harmony solo, and a funky bassline dueting with an Arabian organ solo. Fantastic lyrics, also. A Still's classic. 5/5

2. Teach Your Children:
This is Graham Nash's best song other than Helplessly Hoping featured on CSN's first album. A fantasic slide guitar is played by the group's friend, Jerry Garcia. This song has a very Wild West/country feel to it. Nash sings emotional lyrics that fit the song's mood perfectly. You can even hear is British accent leak through some of his singing. Overall, a great vocal performance by the group, and the song finally ends with Garcia's soloing slide. 5/5

3. Almost Cut My Hair:
This is a true Crosby hard rock classic, and one of the best off the album. There are two soloing guitars in the background filled with distortion. They even seem to be fighting with each other as if they were siblings. Crosby delivers one of his best vocal performances ever. He always had trouble finding his own singing range since he had been a harmonizer all his life. But, thanks to the experience of their last album, and Stephen Stills, he found it perfectly. The song is subliminally talking about his own drug addictions, and how he doesn't want to fall victim to his own habits. Another great. 5/5

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Who sang lead on the song Deja Vu by Crosby Stills Nash and Young?

Tough question..since the group at the time sang in (almost) perfect harmony, with no discernable lead voice on many of their recordings. David Crosby was undeniably the main voice on most of that particular cut, along with considerable help in the high register from ex-Holly Graham Nash, support from ex-Buffalo Springfield Steven Stills, and a lot of overdubbing. Hope that helps...

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