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Some people just won't take no for an answer. For all of us who do watch these kinds of shows there was a bit of a deja vu in last night's episode of New Zealand's Got Talent.

Renee Maurice who gave us a "Susan Boyle" moment at the X Factor earlier this year was back with another song, and so were the flying kids of the All Star Cheerleaders who had us gasping at last year's NZGT with their stunts.

Last time around Maurice bonded with Daniel Bedingfield over car crashes, this time we heard about the amazing job she's doing with special need kids.

And as much as we like her, I am still not convinced.

But the judges love her. Sometimes if they react absolutely blown away one wonders what they had to sit through it these three-hour-plus auditions until somebody stumbles on stage who's actually and really good

Judge Jason Kerrison says he didn't expected much and Judge Cris Judd says he had chills.

But to be honest we had that moment with Maurice before and I am not sure if we are ready to break her heart yet again.

Anyhow, she's through for now.

There were quite a lot of dance groups and acts in this episode. The Ordinary Kids Krew made poi swing faster than light, a penguin-man, no wait, a penguin-woman whose act Kerrison described as awkward (and that's why he loved it) bedazzled us, and there was husband-and-wife-act Silhouette.

He's a handsome giant and she's a fair elf. She made him do it, and together they deliverd a beautiful act that drew standing ovations.

"I don't trust anybody else to carry her, " he charmingly said when asked why he took up dancing. And of course they earned three big yeses from the judges.

"I don't know karate but I know crazy, " Judd says but he loved it.

Before her performance she told us that she's just like every parent who thinks that their baby is the best.

I just wanted to shout loudly at the TV, "Nooooo, It's a dooooooooog!" but yeah, it is sort of cute how she manages to not step on her mutt while prancing around.

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