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Deja Vu (Chinese: ; pinyin: Hui Dao Ai Yi Qian) is a 2013 Taiwanese romance drama series created by Sanlih. Starring Yao Yuan Hao, Mandy Wei as the main lead, with Wang Si Ping and Yang Zhen as the second leads. The Chinese title of the drama literally translate to "Return to past love". Filming began on October 12, 2013 and ended on March 8, 2014. First episode began airing on Sanlih's 's time slot. Final episode aired on March 30, 2014 with 22 episodes total.


A woman desperate to bring her deceased fiancee back to life takes an offer from an mysterious stranger to go back in time, but little does she know for him to live she will no longer be important in his life.


Xu Hai Lin (Mandy Wei) is a talented ballerina. She meets Lu Xi Wei (Yao Yuan Hao), a wealthy business man when she saves his life from a fire. After caring for him during his recuperating time the two fall in love and he proposes marriage to her. Hai Lin's life couldn't be happier as she is about to marry the man she loves and she finds out she's pregnant with his child. However, a car crash kills her fiancé and causes her to miscarry. While contemplating suicide she meets a mysterious man who offers to give Hai Lin a second chance by allowing her to go back when she first meets Xi Wei. Wanting to bring her beloved back she takes the offer but because things do not happen exactly as it did the first time she saved Xi Wei, he ends up falling in love with her older half sister.

She tries hard to get him to fall in love with her again time and time, but it always ends in heartbreak for her. Until Xi Wei encounters a setback, Hai Lin is the only one still by his side its then he realize how much she loves him. The two fall in love again and is about to get married when this time it is Hai Lin that dies from an accident. Xi Wei also meets the mysterious stranger and receives an offer to bring Hai Lin back to life. The two are finally married but in order to bring Hai Lin back to life Xi Wei aged as he had to give up years of his life.

Main cast[edit]

  • Jenna Wang Si Ping 王思平 as Xu You Xi 徐又熙
  • Yang Zhen 楊鎮 as Lu Xiang Kai 陸向凱

Supporting cast[edit]

  • Guan Jin Zong 管謹宗 as Lu Bai Feng 陸百峰
  • Chen You Fang 陳幼芳 as Lin Yu Hua 林玉華
  • Fu Lei 傅雷 as Xu Zhen Ji 徐振基
  • Qian De Men 乾德門 as Lu Da Qi 陸大器
  • Lin Xiu Jun 林秀君 as Wang Mei Hui 王惠美
  • Zhang Xi En 張熙恩 as Liu Fei Fei 劉菲菲
  • Wang Jia Liang 王家梁 as Zheng Ya Li 鄭亞力
  • Paul Hsu 許騰方 as Tony
  • Mei Xian Zhi 梅賢治 as Xiao Q 小Q
  • Yao Dai Wei 姚黛瑋 as Qiao Qi 喬琪
  • Chen Ruo Ping 陳若萍 as Fang Ruo Mei 方若梅


Deja Vu Original TV Soundtrack (OST) (回到愛以前 電視情歌合輯) was released on January 17, 2014 by various artists under Universal Music (TW) record label. It contains 14 tracks total. The opening theme is track 1 "Beautiful 美麗" by Dawen Wang 王大文, while the closing theme is track 2 "Let's Not Be Friends After Breaking Up 分手後不要做朋友" by Rachel Liang 梁文音.

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