Tonner Deja vu body

Penelope is tied into the box with three white satin ribbons. Her waist and ankles are protected with a layer of foam. There is a stand secured to one inside edge of the box and accessories stapled to the other side.

Penelope comes with quite a few separately packaged accessories:

She looks overwhelmed.

All of the accessories are stored inside plastic bags. With the plastic gone, it's easier to see what this doll comes with: the saddle stand, shoes, a scarf, a wrist band and a necklace:

I love this doll's shoes. They are brown imitation leather pumps with crazy high heels and tiny zippers down the back:

Two of the shoe straps have upside-down hearts cut out of them:

The zipper is such a nice detail for something so tiny. As it turns out, it's not necessary to undo this zipper to get the shoes on and off, but it looks amazingly neat.

I also like the design of the necklace that comes with this doll. It is a long silver chain with a butterfly charm on the end.

Both the chain links and the charm are very large in scale for the size of this doll, but the butterfly is ornamented with rhinestones and is quite pretty. It's a good fit for Penelope's spring-colored outfit.

Penelope comes with a jersey knit striped tube scarf. The fabric of this scarf is stiff, but the colors are fun.

To me, the wrist band is the least impressive accessory. It's made out of textured vinyl with a fuzzy white backing. It is decorated with a small metal stud that has a blackened antique finish:

You can see a reflection of my camera in this picture!

It closes with a single metal snap:

Penelope herself comes dressed in a bright three piece outfit. Her long hair is contained within a hair net and her arms and hands are protected with plastic bags. I slipped her shoes on and tried to get her to stand on her own. She stands fairly well, but has to bend a little bit in the knees to get perfect balance.

It looks like she's slouching.

I had a very positive first reaction to this doll's face. She has gorgeous blue eyes and a dramatic, oversized mouth:

I also really like the style and fabric of Penelope's jacket. It's bright blue and has a woven checkered pattern with a slight sheen. It reminds me of the unconventional materials challenges in the TV show, Project Runway-when designers are asked to make gorgeous clothing out of things like vinyl placemats.

The jacket causes a bit of a problem, though. I wanted to remove the plastic that was covering Penelope's arms, but I couldn't do that without removing the jacket, and I couldn't remove the jacket without removing Penelope's hands...and I had a hard time removing Penelope's hands without removing the plastic!


Get these off of me!

I finally managed to pull the jacket's sleeves up far enough to get the plastic un-taped, and was able to remove the hands. The hands come off easily, and are apparently interchangeable with Tonner's Tyler doll hands.

These hands look familiar to me...

The fingers are long and elegant and the nails are painted with a dark coral pink:

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