What are Deja v. U.S?

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A deja vu, as most probably know, is a strange physical sensation that you’re experiencing something you’ve already done before. Not just that you’ve done something similar…but that you’re actually repeating yourself in the same exact way. The sensation usually appears out of nowhere, last for several seconds or longer, and then fades out again.

Thanks to the 1999 movie “The Matrix, ” many people now jokingly (or seriously…) think of deja vus as something being changed in the program of reality. Mainstream science would have us believe that deja vus are nothing more than a meaningless and explainable biological phenomena centered in the brain, with no known reason for why or how they happen. And at one point in my life I would have accepted the scientific explanation and dismissed the idea of deja vus having some special “woo woo!” meaning behind them. Not anymore!

Rather than write out an explanation of why I no longer accept the mainstream scientific explanation for them, I’ll just let my log book do the talking. Below are excerpts of some of the more notable and outstanding instances of deja vus that have happened to me over the past few years, followed by some theories as to what it all means…

I was working at _____ Restaurant, (waitress, Florida) and was in the kitchen in the middle of the dinner rush, making a salad at the salad bar. Suddenly I knew that I was going to have a deja vu. I even paused what I was doing and waited for it (!) like, okay, where is it……come on……THERE WE GO! And when it hit, it REALLY hit. It was THE strongest most crazy deja vu I’ve ever had, ever. Just insane. Plus, the fact that I had a premonition about it beforehand was amazing, and has never happened before.

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