What does Deja Vu really means?

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I experience this too. It sounds irrational, but it is not deja vu — deja vu is when you think you've seen or experienced something before, but really haven't, whereas this is different, I know I've seen this before because I remember seeing it. I see these as visions. I would have these "visions" ever since I was a child (and I realised later on that many others do too) while fully conscious, in which I would see mental images flash by in a split second. I was then aware that I had a vision and would partially remember it. Sometimes the event in my vision would unfold days, weeks, or even months later. The longest was a year later. Only recently, in the past 3 years did I start getting visions in my dreams that were much longer (the longest vision I ever saw in my dream was an entire performance which I was about to see weeks later on a school excursion that I didn't yet know about which was exactly replicated. The performance lasted about 5 minutes. I clearly remembered the dream afterwards and did not know that the dream was a vision until the event occured weeks later). The fact that I am fully conscious that I am having these "visions" when I am having them basically rules out the possibility that it is deja vu. What it is in reality though, we can't be sure of, but I call them visions.

These visions lead me to question destiny, fate and time. If I'm seeing the future, does that mean the future is predetermined? Is there one unchangeable 'fate' or is ones fate determined according to the choices one makes? An interesting thing I have experienced when my visions occur in real life is that sometimes they do not play out exactly as I saw them. These are, however, minor differences. For example, I may stop the vision from continuing to play out because I'm shocked that my vision is currently occuring and so I just stop and look shocked for a few seconds. Maybe the fact that in some cases the visions do not play out exactly as they appeared to me when I saw them means that we have some control over our fate. I think that highlights the sheer importance of the choices we make.

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