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Not a continuation of the "Moonlight Bay" series ( and ) as many fans were expecting, False Memory is nonetheless just as powerful and compulsive as anything he has written before.

Martie Rhodes is a successful young computer games designer with a loving husband, Dusty, and a seemingly normal life. Her best friend, Susan, however, suffers from agoraphobia, (fear of open spaces), and relies on Martie to get to her weekly therapy sessions. Suddenly and inexplicably, Martie herself begins exhibiting worrying signs of a mental disorder, fearing herself capable of inflicting great harm on her loved ones. At the same time, Dusty's brother Skeet also succumbs to irrational mental behaviour and tries to throw himself from a roof. It soon becomes clear that the four are involved in something much more than a sinister coincidence.

Koontz's great skill, as he demonstrates so well in this novel, is creating believable characters and thrusting them into seemingly impossible but-for the period of the story-completely plausible situations. The plot is as carefully layered as the most intricate orchestral compositions and Koontz conducts the proceedings with almost unbearable tension. One of his greatest abilities as a writer, however, is tapping into the dark paranoia of society. Living in an age where we are becoming increasingly desensitised to death and violence, Martie's fear of herself, known as autophobia, seems a terrifying warning that soon the only thing we will have left to fear is ourselves.

Deeper meanings aside, this is easily one of his best thrillers. The prose moves at a breakneck speed and the denouement will leave you with a pounding heart and chill down your spine. Koontz delivers exciting, boundary breaking fiction better than anyone else in the game and False Memory (though at times shocking and disturbing), is a perfect example of a master author in top form. -Jonathan Weir


`Not just a master of our darkest dreams but also a literary juggler` (The Times)


`Koontz redefines suspense` (The Times)

'A very readable, fairly ingenious and completely preposterous story' Mail On Sunday

`Koontz`s style bleaches out clichés while showing a genius for detail` (Publishers Weekly)

'A compulsive nail-biter of a thriller-cum-love story that will satisfy Koontz's legion of fans' Caravan Magazine


`Not just a master of our darkest dreams but also a literary juggler` The Times

`Koontz`s art is making the reader believe the impossible... sit back and enjoy it` (Sunday Telegraph)

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