False memory Syndrome definition Psychology

Of false memories

False Memory is the phenomenon in which a person believes that he or she remembers events that have not actually occurred (Loftus, 1997).

False Memory Syndrome is the phenomenon in which a person believes that he or she remembers traumatic, usually sexually abusive events that have not actually occurred. The term was coined in 1992 by the False Memory Syndrome Foundation in an attempt to describe the theory that adults who recall instances of sexual abuse from their childhood may actually be inaccurately remembering information, or even completely inventing an event that never took place (Freyd, 1992).

Theoretical Explanations

Explaining Uncomfortable Feelings: The majority of literature on and concern about False Memory Syndrome began as a response to convictions of supposedly innocent people who were accused by their now grown children of sexual abuse in their childhood (Freyd, 1992). Support for the idea of False Memory Syndrome suggests that a small, false creation in memory can easily be elaborated upon and is very difficult to remove and even quite difficult for that person to realize it is a false creation after a short time. “Once someone has constructed a memory, he comes to believe it himself.” (Pendergrast, 1996). It is suggested that false memories are created to explain small things, such as a possible uncomfortable feeling at family reunions. The small seed could be that perhaps one of the family members did something to cause that uncomfortable feeling, when the reality is that nobody did anything. That false creation could then grow into thinking an uncle sexually abused that person as a child and that could lead to a possible legal accusation (Pendergrast, 1996).

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