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See the reference in the clinical section of this site to Traumatic Amnesia: The Evolution of Our Understanding From a Clinical and Legal Perspective, by Charles L. Whitfield, MD, for an overview of the empirical evidence over the past 100 years that, contrary to some assertions, traumatic amnesia does occur and is common.

Read about the Special Edition of Ethics & Behavior - A must-read for anyone concerned with the issue of recovered memories.

Leadership Council on Child Abuse & Interpersonal Violence tracks well-known cases involving so-called "false memory syndrome" as well as other high-profile cases involving child abuse, such as that of Michael Jackson.

RememberingDangerously.com, attorney Jennifer Hoult's website. Attorney, MIT law professor and NBC News legal analyst Wendy Murphy's Debunking 'false memory' myths in sexual abuse cases, " from Trial, November 1997, explains some of the legal intricacies behind the fact that certain recovered memory cases against alleged abusers have been subject to dismissal orders and summary judgment decisions, denying victims their day in court.:

"False memory syndrome. This simply does not exist as a recognized medical condition. The phrase was coined by the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, an organization formed to provide legal and emotional support to those accused of sexual abuse."- Murphy

Attorney Susan K. Smith has posted (links to full text of decision): Florez Revisited: Arizona Rethinks Its Approach to Extending Statutes of Limitation in Childhood Sexual Abuse Cases.

Calof Attorney Receives Washington State Bar Association Courageous Award - A. Stephen Anderson of Seattle was awarded the WSBA Courageous Award at its annual Awards Luncheon held today at the Seattle Space Needle. The Courageous Award is presented to a lawyer who has displayed exceptional courage in the face of adversity.

Mr. Anderson is recognized for his work on behalf of his client David Calof in Calof v. Noah and Calof v. Casebeer, Noah, et al. David Calof is a Seattle psychotherapist who is a noted author, lecturer and editor.

The International Society for the Study of Dissociation issued a press release in fall, 1997, regarding the case of Houston, Texas, psychologist Judith Peterson, who faces Federal criminal charges. The press release discusses salient areas of concern for all mental health professionals, chiefly the Federal government's apparent criminalization of the practice of psychotherapy.

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What is the definition of memory in connection with psychology?

The definition of memory in connection with psychology is based upon recalling information. This is done when remembering things that are learned, information that was retained such as a phone number, recalling information, and also recognition (a song lyric for example).

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