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More and more people - mostly women - are being treated for "Ritual Satanic Abuse" (or what has later become the more reasonable-sounding "Ritual Sexual Abuse.") This abuse is usually "discovered" while a woman is undergoing treatment for an eating disorder or chronic depression. It is always "discovered" by therapists who are fundamentalist Christians who believe in a so-called "World-wide Satanic conspiracy" where hundreds of thousands of people around the world engage in ritual murder for the Christian "Satan" god, often eating their victims to destroy the evidence.

Several books have been written about this genre of belief since it has a solid historic precedent. The claims that "Satanic Ritual Abuse" encompasses are equal to claims made in the decades and centuries past for so-called "outgroups" - groups of individuals which may or may not even exist. Examples of special note are Jews, Gypsies, and the "Illuminati." Every believer has been utterly convinced they've got first-hand knowledge of the conspiracies and actions of these evil groups. Many honestly believe they've suffered under the hands of such outgroups and have been suppressing the memories of such abuse. (See these web pages folders for details concerning False Memory Syndrome.)

Here's where Fundamentalist therapists come in. Over the last three decades the United States has seen the rising phenomena of believers in SRA. So many outrageous claims were made without a shred of evidence to support them that government agencies have been prompted to perform investigations into the allegations and have produced research reports which indicate that SRA is an urban legend. (Ask Fredric Rice for the FBI's report on cult activities in the United States.)

Still the believers continue to believe, merely expanding the conspiracy to include the government agencies (such as the FBI) which find the allegations to be nonsense. Since no one can find any evidence to back-up their beliefs, they seek to manufacture evidence. Therapists who believe honestly enough are implanting false memories into their patients and, since the patient experience strong emotional responses to the suggestive leading therapists employ, they too start believing.

The infamous and most expensive court case in America's history was the McMartin Preschool fiasco. In that case there were allegations of "Satanic Ritual Abuse" levied against the McMartins even though no evidence for any abuse was ever found, leave alone abuse of a violent nature. In that case a mother who believed in the Christian "Satan" god and in the "World-wide Satanic Conspiracy" honestly thought her son had been ritually abuse by the McMartins and she found therapists, other parents, and lawyers who were willing to perpetuate the unfounded beliefs. (HBO even created a pseudo-docudrama depicting the McMartins, with the movie ending with the McMartins caught in the act performing "Satanic" rituals with children. Naturally HBO didn't name the McMartins by name yet the story line was a cut-and-paste from the media depiction's before the trials.)

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Is satanic ritual abuse syndrome in the dsm and if so why? | Yahoo Answers

Multiple Personality Disorder has been replaced by Dissociative Identity Disorder. Both essentially mean the same thing..two or more personalities in a single person. And yes, the diagnosis is in the DSM.
I don't think any physician would diagnose patients based on religious views and beliefs. I don't think exorcisms are done all that often, especially in the Catholic church.

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