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Abstract Submission
Abstract submission for the 16th Annual Meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping to be held in Barcelona, Spain, June 6-10, 2010 is now closed.

Abstract Fee
There is a $35 USD fee required to submit an abstract. The OHBM cannot honor requests for abstract submission fee refunds received after the abstract submission deadline of January 22, 2010. Abstract submission fees are required for abstract presentation consideration and will not be refunded if your abstract is not accepted for presentation during the Annual Meeting.

Abstract Guidelines
1. The PC expects posters to be at a level that will provide a positive viewing experience for the attendees. When submitting abstracts for the 2010 OHBM Annual Meeting, please consider whether multiple abstracts are truly necessary or if the data you are presenting could be accomplished via submission of one abstract.

2. Enter your abstract, as you would like it to appear in the publications. Please refrain from using all caps, unless absolutely necessary (e.g., for acronyms such as PET or PRESTO, etc.).

3. Abstracts should be formatted to include the following:
路 Title - 100 character limit
路 Introduction - 1000 character limit
路 Methods - 2000 character limit
路 Results - 2000 character limit
路 Conclusions - 1000 character limit
路 Figures (optional)
路 References

*Character limits include spaces.

4. A maximum of 10 references can be entered per abstract submission. An example of a correct citation can also be found below:

Annas, G.J. (1997a), 'New drugs for acute respiratory distress syndrome', New England Journal of Medicine, vol. 337, no. 6, pp. 435-439.

5. Guidelines for including figures in your abstract:
路 Up to 4 figures can be uploaded
路 Figure files should be no more that 10mb in size.
路 Be sure to remove all layers or "flatten" image before uploading. This is especially important for Photoshop files.

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