Organization of human Brain Mapping

Picture Cover photo: Lace Brain by Michel Thiebaut de Schotten/Benedicte Batrancourt. ​More than twenty years have passed since a small community of brain enthusiasts gathered in Paris in 1995 to establish the Organization for Human Brain Mapping. In the years since, members of our society have led the way in discovering and communicating novel insights into the brain’s structure and function. Be it through our annual meetings, the numerous satellite courses, or journals associated with our society (Neuroimage and Human Brain Mapping), thousands of scientists have been making daily contributions to the ever-growing field of brain mapping.
Yet, as our knowledge of the human brain grows, it is also becoming increasingly fragmented. The annual OHBM meeting remains the primary mode of communication between society members, but our speakers’ topics are more diverse each year, and our posters are spread out over ever-larger poster halls. How could you possibly keep up?
Enter the Brain Mapping blog, a forum for year-round communication with OHBM members and the larger neuroscience community. Consider this blog an ongoing conversation that will stimulate debates and foster new ideas. In the coming weeks, we’ll be interviewing some of the top minds in our fields who will be speaking at the upcoming OHBM conference in Geneva. We will also highlight new OHBM initiatives (such as the Open Science Special Interest Group), and announce news and updates relating to the brain mapping community.
Thanks for checking out the new blog. Feel free to bookmark us, share us on social media (Facebook/Twitter), and give us feedback at Even better, consider venturing into science journalism by contributing a post. We look forward to hearing from you!

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