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Futuristic freightUrban freight services are being modernised. Efficient new designs will automate them plus make them greener and safer.

Addressing social determinants of health and tackling health inequity are research-intensive endeavours. Low and middle-income countries (LMICs), in particular, need to develop their own sustainable training capacity to strengthen research on the social determinants of health ...

European efforts to understand and treat severe forms of neurodegeneration led to the discovery of novel compounds with therapeutic efficacy.

Anaemia associated with chronic kidney disease is a serious complication affecting millions of European patients. Using a hepcidin specific Anticalin protein, an EU-funded study aimed to develop a novel therapy for this type of anaemia.

Nanotechnology is increasingly being used in biomedical applications. European scientists developed theragnostic nanoparticles with dual diagnostic and therapeutic properties.

Tailor-made petrol-based surfactants aid industrial mixing and dispersion, but a lack of diversity limits their use to specific niche products. An EU-funded research initiative was established to develop new metabolically engineered yeast strains for use in production of envir...

A boost for health research in Asia New therapies for neurodegeneration A novel hepcidin antagonist as therapy against anaemia Magnetic hyperthermia kills cancer cells

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What would happen if humans could use the whole amount of their brains And if we didnt die in the proccess would we be able to like make things move with out touching it

The tale that humans do not use the whole of the brains was started by Dale Carnegie author of "How to Win Friends and Influence People" in order to strengthen his case.
There is plenty of evidence that humans use the whole of their brains, just not all at the same time. To do so would probably cause us to drop dead instantly from cross-interference of brain function. A massive stroke.

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