Human Brain Project Ethics

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Prof. Karlheinz Meier, University of Heidelberg,
Co-leader of the Neuromorphic Computing Subproject

A key goal of the Human Brain Project is to construct realistic simulations of the human brain – this will require molecular and cellular information and from that we will be able to model and understand biological and medical processes. In addition, we will be able to use that information to design and implement new kinds of computers and robotics.

Prof. Seth Grant, University of Edinburgh,
Co-leader of the Strategic Mouse Brain data subproject

The Human Brain is the most complex system that we know of. We would like to develop some kind of ‘google' brain where we can zoom in and out, see it from different perspectives and understand how brain structure and function is related. The ultimate aim of the Human Brain Project is to understand the human brain. This is only possible when we understand the structural organization of the human brain.

Prof. Katrin Amunts, Institute of Neuroscience and Medicine,
Forschungszentrum Jülich

The Human Brain Project will become a major driver of ICT in Europe.

Prof. Thomas Lippert, Institute for Advanced Simulation, Jülich Supercomputing Centre,

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Well the human genome project identified all the genes in the human genome, which is the genetic makeup of a person. These genes include those that predispose a person to cancer, debilitating diseases, dwarfism, and other genetic problems which could shorten or lower the quality of life for a person.
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