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Competitive Calls Programme

The HBP is pleased to announce the results of its Call for Expressions of Interest (CEol) on Systems and Cognitive Neuroscience. The HBP launched this CEoI to re-integrate Systems and Cognitive Neuroscience into its next phase, one of the major recommendations of the HBP Mediation Report.

The HBP plans to allocate 8.9 million Euro for funding Systems and Cognitive Neuroscience in the next two years.

Four projects were selected from the CEoI by a panel of independent experts.

The winning projects address ambitious cognitive and systems neuroscience questions thereby relying on researchers from different European countries.

The call for systems & cognitive neuroscience projects is now closed. By 7th July 2015, applicants submitted 57 eligible proposals that will now undergo the evaluation process. Independent evaluators were chosen based on their expertise in various fields of research related to the call, covering topics such as cognitive neuroscience, systems neuroscience, theory, neuroinformatics, simulation and many more. The evaluators, coming from 17 different countries are 37% female, which is a remarkably high number compared to other research projects.

After the remote phase of the evaluation a physical panel meeting will take place in mid-August 2015, the results of the evaluation are expected to be published on 7th September 2015.

, which should be approved in early 2016. This CEoI is managed by Jülich Forschungszentrum (scientific aspects and review process) and Technische Universität München (application and review process) on behalf of the HBP Consortium. Applications will be received through the ECHORD++ system, kindly provided by TUM for this Call.

NEW: Proposers, please note that the max size limit of your proposal has been extended to up to 25 pages.

Letters of support can be added to the proposal. These letters will be considered as appendices, which do not count to the page limit. Letters will not be evaluated with respect to their scientific content. To submit no letter is not a disadvantage for the evaluation process.

Please note that due to a central maintenance issue, the online tool for proposal submission will be unavailable as of approximately 14:00 CEST on Friday July 3rd until approximately 12:00 CEST Monday July 6th, at which time the tool is expected to be operational again. We have therefore extended the call deadline until Tuesday July 7th at 12:00 CEST.

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Who was the French surgeon that proposed the human brain being controlled by your left side

One of the first indications of brain function lateralization resulted from the research of French physician Pierre Paul Broca, in 1861. Pierre Paul Broca was born June 28, 1824 in Sainte-Foy-la-Grande, Gironde, Bordeaux. He died July 9, 1880, Paris.

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