Mental State Examination benefits

Mini Mental State Examination

Suitable for all Mental Health clinicians

1/2 day workshop

This interactive workshop utilises a variety of learning strategies, including individual and group exercises. It is assumed that all participants will be regularly involved in the assessment and treatment of consumers of mental health services, and that they will have basic knowledge of the nature of mental health. It is also assumed that participants will have a basic proficiency at conducting face-to-face interviews with consumers of mental health services.

At the completion of the training it is expected that participants would be able to demonstrate:

  • a knowledge of the format and domains required when documenting the mental state examination
  • an increased understanding of terminology that may be used in mental state examinations

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My rapist if free because the hospital refused to examine me due to mental state. What do i do? | Yahoo Answers

You admit that you were in a mentally disturbed manic state. The authorities had to deal with you at face value that you were a danger to yourself and/or others. After they determined anything else was going on, other actions should have been taken.
I have a sense that you are leaving out a part of the story. If all you said is accurate and they were aware of the underwear, they should have taken a report. Why the heck would anyone give you back a knife you were threatening yourself with after psych treatment??! Something ain't right with this question. Go and report now and take the …

What is medical definition of Mini-Mental State Examination?

a brief psychologic test designed to differentiate among dementia, psychosis, and affective disorders. It may include ability to count backward by 7s from 100, to identify common objects such as a pencil and a watch, to write a sentence, to spell simple words backward, and to demonstrate orientation by identifying the day, month, and year, as well as town and country.

What is the Mini Mental State Examination (MMSE)?

The Mini Mental State Examination (MMSE) is the most commonly used test for complaints of memory problems or when a diagnosis of dementia is being considered and is carried out by a medical professional.

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