Mental State Examination quiz

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Score one point for each correct answer:

What is the: time, date, day, month, year? Maximum: 5 points

What is the name of: this ward, hospital, district, town, country? 5 points


Name three objects only once. Score up to a maximum of 3 points for each correct repetition. 3 points

Repeat the objects until the patient can repeat them accurately (in order to test recall later).

Attention and calculation

Ask the patient to subtract 7 from 100 and then 7 from the result four more times.

Score 1 point for each correct subtraction. 5 points


Ask the patient to repeat the names of the three objects learnt in the registration test. 3 points


Score 1 point for each of two simple objects named (e.g. pen and a watch). 2 points

Score 1 point for an accurate repetition of the phrase: 'No ifs, ands or buts'. 1 point

Give a 3-stage command, scoring 1 point for each part correctly carried out; e.g. 'With the index finger of your right hand touch your nose and then your left ear'. 3 points

Write 'Close your eyes' on a blank piece of paper and ask the patient to follow the written command. Score 1 point if the patient closes the eyes. 1 point

Ask the patient to write a sentence. Score 1 point if the sentence is sensible and contains a noun and a verb. 1 point

Draw a pair of intersecting pentagons with each side approximately 1 inch long. Score 1 point if it is correctly copied. 1 point

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