Interviewing and Mental Status Exams

There are five domains of
See Mini-mental test.

men·tal sta·tus

(MS) (men'tăl stat'ŭs)

A comprehensive description or statement of a patient's intellectual capacity, emotional state, and general mental health based on examiner's observations and directed interview; includes assessment of mood, behavior, orientation, judgment, memory, problem-solving ability, and contact with reality.


1. pertaining to the mind.

2. pertaining to the chin.

mental nerves

see Table 14.

mental organ

an accumulation of apocrine tubular glands in the intermandibular space of swine.

mental state

includes states of excitement, e.g. frenzy, mania and panic, and depression states, including somnolence, lassitude, narcolepsy, catalepsy, syncope and coma. Delirium is not diagnosable in animals but aimless wandering and headpressing are reminiscent of that mental state in humans.

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