Mini Mental Status Exam score for dementia

A high mini-mental state

Introduction: The Mini Mental Status Examination (MMSE) is a commonly utilized cognitive screening assessment by occupational therapists working in both acute and sub-acute care environments. As MMSE scores are influenced by factors such as one's culture, language and education, this poses an issue when using MMSE scores to inform interventions for clients with culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds. Is there an association between the MMSE and functional performance measures and does this relationship differ between CALD and non-CALD client groups? Aim: This study had two primary aims: (i) to investigate if the MMSE scores were significantly associated with the prehospital and inpatient functional performance of participants presenting with suspected dementia; and whether performance differences existed between CALD and non-CALD client groups, when completing the MMSE, Modified Barthel Index (MBI) and Activities of Daily Living Questionnaire (ADL-Q). Method: A sample of 28 participants suspected of having dementia were recruited from three acute care hospitals in Melbourne, Australia. The sample included 10 CALD and 18 English-speaking participants. Participants’ cognition was assessed using the MMSE and their functional performance was measured using the ADL-Q for their prehospital functional performance and the MBI for their inpatient level of functioning. Results were analyzed using Spearman's rho correlations and a Mann–Whitney U test of difference. Results: No significant correlations were found between the MMSE, MBI, or ADL-Q total scores, or the ADL-Q subscales. The Mann–Whitney U test revealed no significant differences between the CALD and non-CALD client group scores on the three measures. Conclusion: Cognitive scores and functional performance scores were not significantly associated. No significant differences between the CALD and non-CALD group were obtained.

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Which mini-mental state exam items can be used to screen for delirium and cognitive impairment?

Cognitive impairment is common in palliative care patients, but it is frequently undetected. The clinical consequence is that psychiatric states such as delirium, which often present with cognitive impairment, are inadequately treated. A short and simple questionnaire for screening of cognitive impairment is required for these patients, in order to proceed with more advanced testing if necessary. In this study, we explored the results from two samples of patients (n=290 and n=217) who had completed the Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE). Cases of cognitive impairment are considered i…

What is mini mental state exam?

Mini Mental State Exam: Test to diagnose mental status.

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