Brain function and structure

Brain structure and function

Brain Structure & Function offers free color in print and online for all its papers!

  • Brain Structure & Function publishes research that provides insight into brain structure−function relationships. Studies published here integrate data spanning from molecular, cellular, developmental, and systems architecture to the neuroanatomy of behavior and cognitive functions. BS&F does not publish purely clinical or neuropathological papers except in cases where the work actually contributes to the understanding of normal brain structure and function. Research on the peripheral nervous system is not the focus of BS&F.
  • Studies of the mammalian nervous system are central to the journal, yet coverage may range beyond this taxon. Methodologies include modern tracing, immunocytochemistry and neuroimaging as well as genetic methods, neuroinformatics (atlases, databases and internet tools), statistical techniques that support the integration of cellular and systems-level anatomical and functional data, and genetic/molecular/electrophysiological approaches to understanding brain organization.
  • The journal publishes full-length papers, short communications (maximum five printed pages including figures and references), reviews and letters to the editors that foster a vivid discussion of current topics.

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