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Magnification or Minimization are subconscious programs:
Magnification or Minimization give proportionally greater weight to a perceived failure, weakness or threat, or lesser weight to a perceived success, strength or opportunity, so the weight differs from that assigned to the event or thing by others. This is common enough in the normal population to popularize idioms such as "make a mountain out of a molehill". In depressed clients, often the positive characteristics of other people are exaggerated and negative characteristics are understated.

There is one subtype of magnification called...
That greater weight to the worst possible outcome, however unlikely, or experiencing a situation as unbearable or impossible when it is just uncomfortable.

Note: People who are struggling with this issue (in general) at their psychological core have “arrested emotional development”. (more on this linked above).

Having Magnification or Minimization issues?
For the treatment method I recommend click the “Emotional Intelligence Therapy” link above.
Thinking Errors or Cognitive Distortions

When you increase, you highlight factors out of percentage to their real significance. Little errors become dreadful problems. Minimal recommendations become damaging critique. Any small back pain becomes a punctured hard drive. When you increase, you may use terms such as "huge", "impossible", or "overwhelming". This type of altered considering is also known as the "binocular trick", because you are either ruining factors up out of percentage or reducing them. Zoom generally happens when you look at your own errors, worries, or blemishes and embellish their importance: "My goodness-I created an error. How terrible! How awful! The phrase will propagate like wildfire! My popularity is ruined!" You're looking at your errors through the end of the field glasses that creates them appear enormous.
When you think about your strong factors, you may do the other. You may look through the incorrect end of the field glasses so that factors look small, insignificant. This is known as minimization.
If you increase your blemishes and reduce your excellent factors, you are assured to experience substandard. But the issue isn't you, it's the insane contacts you're wearing!

I think our community is getting more intense about this muffling heuristic, because we are constantly developing up a patience for mean-spirited and excessive language; consequently, our views adhere to that terminology, our values adhere to those views, and so on.

“You’re creating a hill out of a molehill, ” is user-friendly and typical enough to know what this distortions is about, but it becomes an even more innovative tool. It goes beyond worry and concerning to allow individuals to keep keep individuals and factors in the bins they have psychologically put them in, and then can go on with their consistently planned system. Lemme ‘splain.

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