Mini Mental State Exam adalah

State Examination (MMSE)

Factor Analysis and Preliminary Validation of the Mini-Mental State Examination from a Longitudinal Perspective

Jared Tinklenberg a1a2, John O. Brooks III a1a2, Elizabeth Decker Tanke a1a2, Kausar Khalid a1a2, Sarah L. Poulsen a1a2, Helena Chmura Kraemer a1a2, Dolores Gallagher a1a2, Joe E. Thornton a1a2 and Jerome A. Yesavage a1a2
a1 Veterans Administration Medical Center, Palo Alto, California
a2 Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Stanford University School of Medicine


The Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) is a commonly used instrument for assessing mental impairment. Previous proposals for its underlying structure have focused on scores obtained from a single administration of the test. Because the MMSE is widely used in longitudinal studies, we examined the pattern of relations among the rates of chance of the items. Data were obtained from 63 subjects for 1.5 years or more. The relations among the rates of change of the MMSE items were described by a five-factor solution that accounted for 75% of the variance and comprised factors pertaining to orientation and concentration, obeying commands, learning and repetition, language, and recall. This was in contrast to the structure of the scores obtained from a single administration of the MMSE, which was best described by a two-factor solution. In order to provide a clinical validation, factor scores derived from the MMSE factors were used to predict scores on the Memory and Behavior Problems Checklist and the Brief Cognitive Rating Scale.

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Practicing for the Mini Mental State Exam! Memory
Practicing for the Mini Mental State Exam! Memory ...
Mini Mental State Exam
Mini Mental State Exam
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What is mini mental state exam?

Mini Mental State Exam: Test to diagnose mental status.

Which mini-mental state exam items can be used to screen for delirium and cognitive impairment?

Cognitive impairment is common in palliative care patients, but it is frequently undetected. The clinical consequence is that psychiatric states such as delirium, which often present with cognitive impairment, are inadequately treated. A short and simple questionnaire for screening of cognitive impairment is required for these patients, in order to proceed with more advanced testing if necessary. In this study, we explored the results from two samples of patients (n=290 and n=217) who had completed the Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE). Cases of cognitive impairment are considered i…

What is the Mini Mental State Examination (MMSE)?

The Mini Mental State Examination (MMSE) is the most commonly used test for complaints of memory problems or when a diagnosis of dementia is being considered and is carried out by a medical professional.

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