Mini Mental State test

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User's Manual by Marshal F. Folstein, MD, Susan E. Folstein, MD,
Travis White, PhD, and Melissa A. Messer, MHS

With a standard version that is equivalent to the original MMSE and brief and expanded forms, the MMSE-2 retains clinical utility and efficiency while expanding the original's usefulness in populations with milder forms of cognitive impairment, including subcortical dementia.

Features and benefits

  • Flexibility of administration. With three different versions available, you can select the version that best fits your patients’ needs.
  • Simplicity of scoring. Forms are user-friendly and easy to score.
  • Portable Pocket Norms Guide. T-score conversion tables, reliable change scores (at three levels of statistical significance), and mean raw score tables are provided in both the User’s Manual and the handy Pocket Norms Guide.
  • Equivalent, alternate forms. Blue and Red forms enable you to retest the same patient with reduced practice effects.
  • Simplicity of administration. All versions may be administered by anyone who has been trained to test individuals with cognitive impairment and who is familiar with the administration instructions. No special equipment is required.
  • Clinical relevance. Items have obvious relationships to functional ability in daily life.
  • Expanded meta-analysis. The meta-analysis of studies using the MMSE that appeared in the original MMSE Clinical Guide has been expanded to incorporate studies published between 2001 and 2009 and includes effect sizes.
  • Availability in other languages. MMSE–2 translations into German, French, Dutch, Spanish for the US, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Italian, Spanish for Latin America, European Spanish, and Hindi are now available.

Test structure

  • MMSE-2: Standard Version. While the structure and scoring of the original 30-point MMSE remain, problematic items were replaced and several tasks were modified to adjust difficulty level. Because the overall difficulty and raw score range remain the same as in the original, MMSE-2:SV scores and MMSE scores are comparable.
  • MMSE-2: Brief Version. Composed entirely of the Registration, Orientation to Time, Orientation to Place, and Recall tasks, the 16-point MMSE-2:BV can be used for clinical or research situations that call for a rapid cognitive screener and requires no stimuli for administration.
  • MMSE-2: Expanded Version. The 90-point MMSE-2:EV is more sensitive to subcortical dementia and to changes associated with aging; it is sufficiently difficult that it does not have a ceiling effect. Two new tasks (Story Memory and Processing Speed) have been added.

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what does a mental health gp look for when doing a physical exam for depression? | Yahoo Answers

Louise-let me see if I understand the question-you are asking if a General Prac. that is in Mental Health field while be looking for certain things during an exam??? In the area that I live and work in GP are just that General Doctors. They usually will speak to you about issues if you are having any trouble with depression, and if you him/her enough symptoms that they thing depression might be an issue they will then refer you to a psychiatrist. Hope that makes sense to you and clears it up. Should you have any other questions please contact me, after reading my profile God Bless ReggieR

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