Functions of human brain

Medical researchers are investigating how the neural mechanism “ego dissolution” can influence how the human brain functions.

FOX’s Alex Hein has more in “Housecall for Health”:

This is Housecall for Health.

When people take the psychedelic drug LSD, they may feel as if the boundary that separates them from the rest of the world has dissolved as if they are connected with everything.

Now, a new study has revealed a neural mechanism behind this phenomenon called “ego dissolution.”

The study’s result suggests further research on LSD and other psychedelic drugs, which is currently banned in the U.S. and elsewhere, could provide important insight into how the human brain works. Researches stress any study should be done in a carefully controlled setting.

“Ego dissolution” is also at the core of the treatment of death related anxiety and terminal stage cancer patients, which involves another drug that has some similarities with LSD. For such patients, “ego dissolution” can be a positive and trans-formative experience leading to peace, acceptance and a new perspective of things.

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