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Male and female 3D gross human anatomy models

Each model includes 4, 600+ structures. All body systems covered: nervous (brain, nerves, sensory organs), skeletal (ligaments and bursae), circulatory, muscular, digestive, urinary, lymphatic, endocrine, and reproductive. Additional microanatomy models detail structures of sensory organs (skin, ear, eye, tongue).

Dozens of preset views get you the content you need fast

Each body system includes a series of quick-to-get-to preset views that showcase key organs and surrounding anatomy. Use them to study, teach, or learn. Rotate around a 2D model of the heart.Urinary Bladder in 3D Dissect away arteries that supply blood to the cerebrum. Zoom in and study the ducts of the liver, gall bladder, and pancreas. Edit any view and save to view again.

Access encyclopedic reference content to further understand anatomy and physiology

Origins and Insertions with the IliacusRead detailed definitions, Latin names, and descriptions of injuries, diseases, and pathologies. Listen to pronunciations. Test your knowledge with over 1, 000 quiz questions.

"It's a beautiful tool to work with. It helps me to explain certain problems of the human body to students and patients."

"It makes it so much easier for my patients to see and understand where and why they experience pain. Just a wonderful app!"

Expand your Atlas with additional content

Note: Check your device type for specifics and additional costs. Additional content includes pins and pain that detail muscle attachments, 3D rotatable models that show common muscle movements, bony landmarks, and patient education physiology and pathology animations. Watch a demo: An emergency room doctor explains gallstones.

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What are the total number of cells in the human brain?

The human brain has been estimated to contain 50-100 billion neurons, each neuron is a nerve cell

What is the average number a brain cells in a human brain?

Most estimates say we have about 100 billion brain cells (neurons). anything!!!

How many brain cells is the average human born with?

A neuron is a nerve cell. The brain is made up of approximately 100 billion neurons.

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