Human brain research

January 30, 2013 at 10:41 AM

An international multidisciplinary journal devoted to fundamental research in the brain sciences.

Brain Research publishes papers reporting interdisciplinary investigations of nervous system structure and function that are of general interest to the international community of neuroscientists. As is evident from the journals name, its scope is broad, ranging from cellular and molecular studies through systems neuroscience, cognition and disease. Invited reviews are also published; suggestions for and inquiries about potential reviews are welcomed.

With the appearance of the final issue of the 2011 subscription, Vol. 67/1-2 (24 June 2011), Brain Research Reviews has ceased publication as a distinct journal separate from Brain Research. Review articles accepted for Brain Research are now published in that journal.

N.B. Review articles are by invitation only; inquiries and suggestions for reviews should be directed to the Brain Research Editorial Office (

In the journal's Table of Contents, published papers will be shown under one of the Section titles listed below. Authors will be given the opportunity to choose the most appropriate section upon manuscript submission.


• Cell Biology, Signaling and Synaptic Transmission
Senior Editors: Matthew LaVoie (Boston, MA, USA)
Studies investigating the cellular, molecular and genetic bases of structure, function and signaling (both intracellular and intercellular) in nervous systems.

• Development, Degeneration and Regeneration, and Aging
Senior Editors: Seth Blackshaw (Baltimore, MD, USA), Fen-Biao Gao (Worcester, MA, USA), Carina Hanashima (Kobe, Japan), Flora M. Vaccarino (New Haven, CT, USA)
Studies concerning neuronal and glial development and the formation of the nervous system, molecular and cellular aspects of degeneration and regeneration, and changes associated with the aging brain.

• Systems Neuroscience and Behavior
Senior Editors: Gary Aston-Jones (Charleston, SC, USA), Stan Floresco (Vancouver, B.C. Canada), Francois Georges (Bordeaux, France), Mary Heinricher (Portland, OR, USA), Jane Rebecca Taylor (New Haven, CT, USA), Barry Waterhouse (Philadelphia, PA, USA)
Studies concerning structure and organization of neural circuits, sensory and motor systems, internal regulatory systems and the control of behaviors.

• Cognition and Computation
Senior Editors: Erich Schröger (Leipzig, Germany), Maria Natasha Rajah (Verdun, Quebec, Canada), Susan Ravizza (East Lansing, MI, USA), Christina L. Williams (Durham, NC, USA)
Studies of the neural mechanisms of cognition and behavior in humans and animal models including basic behaviors and higher mental functions; as well as studies dealing with realistic simulation, analysis and prediction of the structure and functions of nervous systems and individual neuronal and glial elements within nervous systems.

• Neurobiology of Disease
Senior Editors: Sandra Hewett (Syracuse, NY, USA), Seung-Jae Lee (Seoul, Korea), Vanessa A. Morais (Lisbon, Portugal), Salvatore Oddo (Phoneix, AZ, USA), Malú Tansey (Atlanta, GA, USA), J. Paul Taylor (Memphis, TN, USA)
Studies whose primary focus is on clinically diseased nervous systems or disease models, including molecular, cellular, systems and behavioral approaches and analysis of therapeutic interventions.

• Reviews
Invited reviews on all aspects of nervous system structure and function. The editors welcome suggestions for specific review topics.

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