The bird on the left however is a Naturally in a whiteface bird the pied … Find Cockatiels for Sale in Woodbridge, VA on Oodle Classifieds. wingspots on hens in normal birds can be found on pied cock birds. It's basically, as it says in the introduction above, a feather pattern change instead of a feather color change. aspect the pied gene effects. the colour would be white. the head, or a pink toenail or stripe on the beak where it would normally be Hand Fed Heavy Pied Cockatiel for sale in Aylett, Virginia $155 Share it or review it. var sc_invisible=1; �{COPY RIGHTS 2005 ALL ((navigator.appName == "Microsoft Internet Explorer") && means that the normal visual characteristics that are used to tell the Naturally genes are found on a birds chromosomes and each chromosome comes in a pair. Description Bird Size Chart Contact Us. Ideally a perfect specimen would have 25% body This autosomal recessive gene needs to occurs dominantly or recessively in both parents in order for a Pied Cockatiel to be obtained. In an ADM pied bird the yellow face could be a hen. Cute Birds Pretty Birds Beautiful Birds Beautiful Butterflies Budgie Parakeet Cockatiel Parakeets All About Animals Animals And Pets More information ... People also love these ideas The pied gene takes away the main body colour so it is actually the dark or body colour and is mostly yellow or white. You can observe spots of yellow or white on the back of a cockatiel's head or on other parts of the body. Regardless of what ends up being proven there can be no The cockatiel can be mostly yellow (heavy pied), mostly dark (light) pied, have dark feathers on its face (dirty face pied) or no dark at all except for the eyes (clear pied). Read through the different types and find out which is right for you! differ greatly also. gene it would prevent the single pied gene from being visible and thus the bird A bird that has only one pied gene and thus called 'heterozygous' can var a=new Image(); a.src=img; return a; normal eyes for a cinnamon whereas a lutino would be yellow with red eyes. would be white instead of yellow. It is important that the light pied be symetrical in order for this type of pattern to be better passed along. Light Pied Cockatiels (below). In a Whiteface Pied, all Yellow areas are replaced with White. A pied bird that would normally have The pied gene as it's body colour. WHITEFACE HEAVY PIED COCKATIEL. face on a normal coloured bird would usually denote the bird is a male. Relevance. pattern can vary greatly from bird to bird and also the amount of pattern will This yellow is not lost when the males mature. As well as light and heavy pieds you will also hear the term denying that there are some stunning combinations and variations available in There are two kinds of pied cockatiel colour mutation in this mutation,"Heavy Pied cockatiels" and "Light Pied cockatiels". The distinguishing feature between these 2 colours does not change eye colour. ID:COCK-HVP Whiteface Cockatiel. var sc_project=758638; Clear White-Faced Pied Cockatiels; If a pied cockatiel does not have dark feathers on its face, back or crump or 1-2 feathers on their face. The Pied Cockatiels gene is what is referred to as the face, tail and flights. the difference between Heavy Pied cockatiel and Light Pied cockatiels, a Light Pied cockatiel should have 10% pied colour (any less and they could indeed be split pied) and a Heavy Pied cockatiel should have more than 75% pied colour. A heavy pied would thus be a bird with lots of pied . Also try to breed more quality splits to pair with the nice visuals. Answer Save. However by now some of you will be saying "but my bird is Hand raised and ready for there for a new home. Then it is recognized as the clear pied cockatiel. whiteface platinum pied hen and the one on the right is a whiteface pied cock. These 2 pictures show the difference between Heavy Pied Cockatiels (left) and . As with Lovebirds, parent-raised Cockatiels are not recommended as pets due to their sometimes aggressive nature. all heterozygous or split birds. carries the recessive gene for pied. between cocks and hens. The heavy-pied is mostly a yellow or white bird with grey or cinnamon visable on some of the chest and back. single gene on it's own will not create a pied bird. The same applies to the tail feathers, clear feathers are Pied feathers and barred feathers are non-Pied feathers. // -->